Episode 1: Home Sweet Haunted House


On our first full episode of Books in the Freezer we talk about books that feature haunted houses. We recommend books that not only feature the classic setting but also ones that experiment with some modern and surprising locations.

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3 thoughts

  1. Great first episode guys! Thought I might throw a recommendation out there. Years (and years) ago I read a couple books in a series by Douglass Clegg called the Harrow House series. The first book is called Nightmare House. I think I read that and book 2 Mischief. But it is a four book series and they do not need to be read in order if I remember correctly. Each book is about a different time in the life of this house as it as been a residence, a boarding school and even an asylum. I don’t remember a ton about it but I do remember enjoying it. I have actually been thinking about re-reading recently to see if I still have the same opinion. But Douglass Clegg is, I think, an underrated horror author. I haven’t read a lot of his stuff recently but I used to really enjoy it.


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