Episode 16: Indie Horror

We had a special guest with us to talk about independently published books in the horror genre! Devin is known online as the Indie Insomniac and is currently in the process of releasing his first novel Korbin.

“Skating across the floor, she let the warmth and the pounding disco beat wash over her, bringing her back to reality. The cold in her hands and toes faded away, but the air guitar man’s word continued to echo in her mind… it’s startin’ The Year of Blood

Cameron Roubique- Disco Deathtrap

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Books Mentioned:

Picture: Amazon

Disco Deathtrap by Cameron Roubique

Rachel’s first pick was a fun 80’s (of course it was!) slasher novel!

Get it here:


Penpal by Dathan Auerbach

Stephanie’s pick was a book that was originally creepypastas on Reddit. Auerbach’s new book Bad Man will be out later this year.

Picture from Amazon

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Picture from Amazon

Still Water by Justin R. Macumber (Gallows Investigations #1)

Devin’s book was written by the late Justin Macumber and follows a paranormal investigator following something strange happening in a strange West Virginia coal mining town.

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Video Night by Adam Cessare

Rachel picked this book she calls “entertaining horror” that follows two horror nerds having one last video night, that is, until aliens invade.

Picture from Amazon

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Picture from Amazon

The Nightmare Room by Chris Sorensen (Messy Man #1)

Stephanie picked this take on the classic haunted house story that starts with a couple moving into a farmhouse in an effort to distract themselves from a tragedy they recently experienced.

Get it here:


Craven Manor by Darcy Coates

Devin chose a story about a man who takes a job as a groundskeeper at an old estate, but he might learn that the estate has a sinister secret.

Picture: Amazon

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