Episode 20: Underwater Horror

“The detritus of animal and plant life that had died miles above. It fell steadily through each zone of the ocean, down and down, shredding into flakes, leached of pigment until it became bone white. A snow of death.” – Nick Cutter, The Deep


On this episode we were joined by Erica at the PerksofBooks on YouTube to talk about the kind of horror that’s lurking just under the water’s surface. Let’s talk jurassic sharks, submarine labs and submerged haunted houses!

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Books Mentioned:



  • Staircase
  • The Devil’s Candy
  • Scream TV Series


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5 thoughts

  1. I’m binging through the show from the beginning–my TBR is getting crazy out of hand! Just started The Devil and the Deep; I’d picked up a copy but hearing it recommended on this episode bumped it up my list. This isn’t a topic I usually gravitate towards so it’s fun to check out something different!

    I know you are podcast fans so I wanted to recommend a great fictional horror podcast that ties in with this episode’s theme: The Bridge. In the show, there’s an “intercontinental bridge” that crosses the ocean, and the show follows the inhabitants of one of the watchtowers on the bridge.

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