Books in the Freezer Readathon

Here’s a TBR for the readathon! A lot of great books here!

rise from the ashes

I haven’t participated in a readathon for a long time and I heard about Books in the Freezer. I thought it was a good idea to participate when it deals with one of my favorite genres and a holiday. Horror and Halloween. It takes place during Monday, October 1 to Sunday, October 14.

Here are the following challenges:

  1. Read a horror book by a female author
  2. Read a horror anthology or short story collection
  3. Read a horror book featuring or by an POC or LGBTQ+ person
  4. Read a horror book that has a movie adaptation
  5. Read a book we’ve recommended on the podcast

Some of these books I’ll be borrowing from the library and I’ll be purchasing one.

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
Covers: by a female author, featuring a LGBTQ+ person, and has a movie adaptation.

Minion by L. A. Banks
Covers: by a female author…

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