Episode 51: Top Stephen King Novels Part Two

Listen here!

We are continuing our countdown of your favorites with the ten of the highest-rated Stephen King books based on your votes! There were a few surprises.

Books Mentioned:

9a. Gerald’s Game

9b. 11/22/63

8. Joyland

7. Misery

6. Revival

5. Pet Sematary

4. Salem’s Lot

3. It

2. The Stand

Winner: The Shining

Chilling Obsessions:

2 thoughts

  1. I have never heard of Revival or Joyland. I’ve read the others with the exception of The Stand. Every time I try to read The Stand, I get through as out 50 pages and my mind begins to wander. It bores me. Everyone in my family has read it and love it. It never grabbed my imagination. I can’t do it.


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