How Do You Read So Much?

When people find out that I’m a reader, and that my most of my hobbies basically revolve around reading, one of the first things they say is, “how do you read so much?” I know a lot of people pull the whole “well, I don’t watch tv,” but let’s face it. I love tv. Sometimes it is easier to sit and be entertained by the tv, than to put the effort to make sense of words on a page. Here are some ways, I’ve purposely incorporated more reading time into my life.

Creating an ambience

Music is something that really enhances the reading experience. A while ago I mentioned my specific Horror Reading Spotify playlist full of moody, movie scores that pair well with dark stories. I also love ASMR YouTube channels. I’m talking about Ambient ASMR, not someone petting a hairbursh or whispering into a microphone ASMR. What I’m referring to is more along the line of soundscapes, think like an hourlong video of a dark library on a stormy night with the soft sounds of rain and thunder in the background. I love the YouTube channel ASMR Rooms, she creates videos set in popular fantasy properties, like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. There is also Miracle Forest who offers up a lot of different types of settings including cozy rooms, swamps, and even space. There is just something about the soft sounds and visuals that really helps me focus.

Limiting Distractions

I wish I could say I’m not one of those people that’s addicted my phone, but there are those times when I sit and crack open a book only to find myself mindlessly scrolling Twitter minutes later. I can’t be the only one, right? I started using the Forest app (not a sponsor.) Basically it puts a twenty-five minute timer on your phone while it “plants a tree.” A small half-hour chunk here and there really makes a difference.


Life is busy. I know. I also know I’m not the first person to suggest audiobooks as a way to get more reading into your life, but let me just re-iterate that they’re awesome. There is nothing like getting a mundane task done with the accompaniment of a great story being told to you. I’ve done episodes and bonus episodes full of audiobook recommendations. There are a lot of ways to access audiobooks. One way is to take advantage of your local library by using the Libby app (and Hoopla if your library has it), and you can listen to audiobooks free of charge. You can also use something like Libro FM (okay, here is where I do have an affiliate link) where you can get a monthly subscription that supports local bookstores. You can use this link and take advantage of a deal by getting two books for the price of one, or use FREEZERBOOK at checkout! There are, of course, other subscription-based audiobooks apps on the market if you choose to go that way.

Different Formats

I know this might not work for everyone, but I’m a book polygamist. I tend to have three books going on at the same time. I usually have one physical book, one e-book and one audiobook. I have different times of day when I can get to each of them. I read my physical books when I have quiet time and I can watch my ASMR videos, listen to my audiobook while doing chores and read my e-book while I’m up at night with the baby.

In summation, there are a few ways I sneak in some extra reading time in your life. What do you do to read more in this distracting world?

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  1. I love this!! One of my favorite ways to read more is to have an audiobook going. It’s great for when I’ve got a long car ride or lots of things to do around the house! 🙂


  2. I too am big on audiobooks, especially since I don’t drive. A good audiobook and walk to work is fantastic. My goal is to read a physical book for at least an hour every day and I find that gets me pretty far.

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