Episode 59: Gothic Horror with Shaun Pittman

“All the dreamers are castle-bound. At midnight’s stroke, we will unwind, Revealing fantasies soft or unkind. Show me debauched nightmares or sunniest daydreams. Come not as you are but as you wish to be seen.”

Erin A Craig, House of Salt and Sorrow

Apologies for the state of my voice in this episode. I’m still recovering from this cold, but at least I now have my voice back. Shaun from Eclectic Cove joined me on this episode to discuss Gothic horror, because who doesn’t love a story set in a crumbling castle with some high drama and family secrets, right? We also hear from some Patreon supporters, if you’d like the chance to chip in your two cents on episodes check out the Patreon. This is going to be my last episode before going on my maternity leave/hiatus. See you guys soon.

Books Mentioned:

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