Episode 60: Chat with Michael David Wilson

And Books in the Freezer is back from mini hiatus to talk to Michael David Wilson about his new techno horror novella The Girl in the Video from Perpetual Motion Machine publishing. It’s described as “Fatal Attraction for the iPhone generation”, which is as crazy as it sounds.

Listen to the podcast here

Books Mentioned:

Chilling Obsessions:

  • You’re Wrong About Podcast- specifically the Michelle Remembers episodes
  • Ozark Season 3
  • Better Call Saul

You can find Michael on his podcast, This is Horror that puts episodes out every week or check out his website.

Coming up: I am currently working on a “What We’ve Been Reading” bonus episode. I’d love to have listeners talk about books they’ve been reading during this quarantine period. Just send a voice memo to booksinthefreezer@gmail.com to have your standout read included.

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